CFP: The Wizard of Oz and the Western Cultural Imagination

Quick! This looks like a fantastic opportunity for all OZ scholars!

Telling Tales

I’m posting this here because their website doesn’t actually seem to be working, and the deadline is today. I was sent this by email last night, but I know that there will probably be interest from my fellow Oz scholars. As always, I’m slightly perturbed by the insinuation that there is little or no scholarship on something that I’ve been researching, writing and publishing on for four years now and for which I own numerous volumes of detailed scholarship, but I understand that this is the language one uses to both entice and justify. The only question left is, how on early do I narrow down 50% of my PhD topic into a 300 word abstract, and a 20 minute paper?

The Wizard of Oz and the Western Cultural Imagination: A Conference Celebrating and interrogating 75 years of the MGM Musical

Faculty of Arts, University of Brighton

November 21-22, 2014

DEADLINE 1st March, 2014

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