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Happy #Alice150! Lewis Carroll in 2015

... hopefully not late!

Royal Mail White Rabbit Stamp

In 2015 we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) — a remarkable book that has enchanted innumerable readers all over the world ever since its publication. Many institutions have dedicated their year to Alice, such as the Royal Mail, that commemorates the anniversary with a set of stamps, or Macmillan, Alice’s original publisher, with a bright and colourful new edition of the book. Later in the year Oxford will be celebrating this particular part of its literary heritage on Alice’s Day (on the 4th of July – watch this space!). But especially also for researchers working on Carroll, this will be an exciting year, because, if not now, when would be a better time to show off the many difference faces and facets of Alice? I will be presenting several aspects of my work on Carroll and Victorian Science (amongst others!) on various occasions throughout the year – so if you are interested, do come along! Titles and dates of my talks are as follows (click here for details on locations)

  • “What has Alice in Wonderland got to do with Cognitive Sciences?” (3 February, TORCH, Oxford)
  • “Victorian Fantastic Literature and the Psychological Sciences: Lewis Carroll and George MacDonald – Two Case Studies” (6 March 2015, English Faculty, Oxford)
  • “’We’re all mad here’: Lunacy, Lewis Carroll and Victorian Psychiatry” (April 2015, University of Liverpool)
  • ‘Alice and Fashion – Panel  Discussion’ (9 May, V&A Museum for Childhood, London)
  • ‘Pictures and Conversations’ (4 July, Alice’s Day, Oxford)
  • “Alice through the Magnifying-Glass: Lewis Carroll and the Victorian Sciences of the Mind” (15-17 September, Homerton College, Cambridge)
  • “Lewis Carroll & Victorian Children’s Literature” (8 November, Surrey History Centre, Woking)

I will also be involved in a number of other exciting projects this year, so watch this space, and follow me and #Alice150 on twitter!

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