• Kohlt, Franziska, Amanda Rees, and Tom McLeish, War of the Words: Science, Religion, and the Human Future, Oxford University Press (forthcoming 2023)

Edited Collection:

  • Alice: Through the Looking Glass – A Companion, ed. by Franziska Kohlt and Justine Houyaux (Oxford: Peter Lang, forthcoming 2023)

Trade Books:

  • Alice Through the Wonderglass: The Unexpected Histories of a Children’s Classic (Reaktion, forthcoming 2023)
  • The Magical Mechanical Museum (Compton Verney Press, 2018)


  • ‘The Folklore of Sleep in Popular Culture’, Audible – Wondrium, to accompany Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman (forthcoming September 2022)

Journal Articles and Book Chapters:
Journal Articles:

Short papers:

Book Chapters:

  • Gouyon JB, Kohlt FE, Turbil C, Nielsen K, Sleigh C, ‘Science Communication and Scientism: Historical Perspectives’, Science Communication – taking a step back to move forward, ed. by Martin Bauer and Bernard Schiele (Paris: CNRS Édition; forthcoming 2023).
  • ‘A ‘war’ against a ‘devilish’ virus: Religious rhetoric and Covid-19 in the UK’,  Record Covid-19: Historicising Experiences of the Pandemic, ed. by Kristopher Lovell (DeGruyter, October 2022, forthcoming).
  • ‘When words are poison: Toxic narratives in health communication’, Toxic Cultures, ed. by Simon Bacon (Peter Lang, 2022).
  • ‘In the Automated Eye of the Beholder: Automata in human culture, and the enduring myth of the modern Prometheus’, Marvellous Mechanical Museum (Compton Verney Press, 2018) (read here)
  • ‘Back to the Future: The Time Traveller’s Traumatic Jet Lag in A Christmas Carol, Dickens on the Move – Between Cultures and Continents. ed. by Elmar Schenkel. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2014. (buy here)

Forthcoming (accepted):

  • ‘Polluting the communication environments in ‘England’s Green And Pleasant Land”: Toxic Nostalgia and the misuses of memory in millennial British environmentalist narratives’, Gothic Nostalgia, ed. Simon Bacon (Palgrave, 2023).
  • “Poeta fit, non nascitur’: Lewis Carroll, performance science and comedic catharsis”, Victorian Comedy and Laughter: New Paradigms, ed. by Louise Lee (Basingstoke: Palgrave; corrections accepted; publication delayed)

Academic Features:


Edited Texts:


  • “David Pyle, Volcanoes: Encounters Through the Ages”, Bodleian Library Record (forthcoming)
  • “Hjalmar Fors, The Limits of Matter: Chemistry, Mining and Enlightenment”, British Society for Literature and Science (forthcoming)
  • Looking-Glass House & Lewis Carroll: The Man and his Circle: Vanessa Tait & Edward Wakeling at the Oxford Literary Festival”, Bandersnatch: The Newsletter of the Lewis Carroll Society, Issue 167, 2015 (read here)
  • Peter and Alice; or: The Dangers of Biopic Realism, The Lewis Carroll Review, 50  (2013).
  • “American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns”, Lewis Carroll Review – American McGee Special Issue, Issue 48,  2012 (buy here)
  • “Lewis Carroll Man of Science Conference 2011” Bandersnatch: The Newsletter of the Lewis Carroll Society, Issue 152, 2011

The Lewis Carroll Review (Editor since 2017)

In the Media:

Radio & Television:

↑ On Turkish Television’s Showcase, July 2018

Press & Web:

Press & Press Releases:

Press Contributions:

  • “Happy (Un-)Birthday Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland!”, Brasenose College, Oxford, 2015 (read here)
  • “Kaffee. Kultur. Geschichte.” Liaisons. Magazin zum Kulturaustausch. Issue 5/6. Oct. 2011 (Leipzig: Hamouda) . (buy here)
  • „My Adventures in Wonderland and what I found there. Auf den Spuren von Alice in Großbritannien.“ Liaisons. Magazin zum Kulturaustausch. Issue 5/6. Oct. 2011 (Leipzig: Hamouda). (buy here)
  • “American McGee on Alice: Madness Returns”. Interview. The Lewis Carroll Review – American McGee Special Issue. The Reviewing Journal of the Lewis Carroll Society. Issue 48, November 2012. (buy here)


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