• Kohlt, Franziska, Amanda Rees, and Tom McLeish, War of the Words: Science, Religion, and the Human Future, Oxford University Press (under contract, 2023)

Edited Collection:

  • Alice: Through the Looking Glass – A Companion, ed. by Franziska Kohlt and Justine Houyaux (Oxford: Peter Lang, forthcoming 2023)

Trade Books:

Journal Articles and Book Chapters:
Journal Articles:

Short papers:

Book Chapters:

  • Gouyon JB, Kohlt FE, Turbil C, Nielsen K, Sleigh C, ‘Science Communication and Scientism: Historical Perspectives’, Science Communication – taking a step back to move forward, ed. by Martin Bauer and Bernard Schiele (Paris: CNRS Édition; forthcoming 2023).
  • ‘A ‘war’ against a ‘devilish’ virus: Religious rhetoric and Covid-19 in the UK’,  Record Covid-19: Historicising Experiences of the Pandemic, ed. by Kristopher Lovell (DeGruyter, October 2022, forthcoming).
  • ‘When words are poison: Toxic narratives in health communication’, Toxic Cultures, ed. by Simon Bacon (Peter Lang, 2022).
  • ‘In the Automated Eye of the Beholder: Automata in human culture, and the enduring myth of the modern Prometheus’, Marvellous Mechanical Museum (Compton Verney Press, 2018) (read here)
  • ‘Back to the Future: The Time Traveller’s Traumatic Jet Lag in A Christmas Carol’, Dickens on the Move – Between Cultures and Continents. ed. by Elmar Schenkel. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2014. (buy here)

Forthcoming (accepted):

  • ‘Polluting the communication environments in “England’s Green And Pleasant Land”: Toxic Nostalgia and the misuses of memory in millennial British environmentalist narratives’, Gothic Nostalgia, ed. Simon Bacon (Palgrave, 2023).
  • “Poeta fit, non nascitur’: Lewis Carroll, performance science and comedic catharsis”, Victorian Comedy and Laughter: New Paradigms, ed. by Louise Lee (Basingstoke: Palgrave; corrections accepted; publication delayed)

Academic Features:


Edited Texts:


  • Looking-Glass House & Lewis Carroll: The Man and his Circle: Vanessa Tait & Edward Wakeling at the Oxford Literary Festival”, Bandersnatch: The Newsletter of the Lewis Carroll Society, Issue 167, 2015 (read here)
  • Peter and Alice; or: The Dangers of Biopic Realism, The Lewis Carroll Review, 50  (2013).
  • “American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns”, Lewis Carroll Review – American McGee Special Issue, Issue 48,  2012 (buy here)
  • “Lewis Carroll Man of Science Conference 2011” Bandersnatch: The Newsletter of the Lewis Carroll Society, Issue 152, 2011

In the Media:

Radio & Television:


↑ On Turkish Television’s Showcase, July 2018

Press & Web:

Covid, Metaphors, Science Communication:

Alice in Wonderland & Children’s Literature

  • The Alice Look, Victoria and Albert Museum for the History of Childhood”, Bandersnatch. The Newsletter of the Lewis Carroll Society, Issue 167, 2015 (Coverage of talk at the opening of “The Alice Look” exhibition, June 2015).
  • “Happy (Un-)Birthday Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland!”, Brasenose College, Oxford, 2015 (read here)
  • “American McGee on Alice: Madness Returns”. Interview. The Lewis Carroll Review – American McGee Special Issue. The Reviewing Journal of the Lewis Carroll Society. Issue 48, November 2012. (buy here)
  • Magic Worlds”, Stephen Martin, The Daresbury Chronicle (UK), July 2012
  • „My Adventures in Wonderland and what I found there. Auf den Spuren von Alice in Großbritannien.“ Liaisons. Magazin zum Kulturaustausch. Issue 5/6. Oct. 2011 (Leipzig: Hamouda). (buy here)
  • “Kaffee. Kultur. Geschichte.” Liaisons. Magazin zum Kulturaustausch. Issue 5/6. Oct. 2011 (Leipzig: Hamouda) . (buy here)


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