Book Chapters and Articles:

  • “‘The stupidest tea-party in all my life’: Lewis Carroll and Victorian Psychiatric Practice”, Journal of Victorian Culture. (read here)
  • “Back to the Future: The Time Traveller’s Traumatic Jet Lag in A Christmas Carol”, Dickens on the Move – Between Cultures and Continents. Ed. Elmar Schenkel. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2014. (buy here)


  • “From Scotland to Utopia (via Hammersmith): William Morris, George MacDonald and the Utopian Aesthetic”. Journal of Scottish Thought (forthcoming, 2017)
  • “Poeta Fit, Non Nascitur: Lewis Carroll, Science and Nonsense”, Victorian Comedy and Laughter: New Paradigms. Eds. Jane Darcy and Louise Lee. Basingstoke: Palgrave (forthcoming, 2018)
  • ‘The Clockwork Imagination: Automata in Literature and Culture’, Automata: The Living Machines of Artists’ Dreams (Compton Verney Press) (contracted; forthcoming 2018)
  • ‘E.T.A. Hoffmann’s Schwarze Romantik and nineteenth-century German Gothic’, The Palgrave Handbook of Gothic Dreams, The Palgrave Gothic Handbook, 3 vols, ed. by Clive Bloom (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan) (contracted; forthcoming 2019).
  • “We’re all mad here: Dream, Reality, and the Relativity of Madness in American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns”. Further Adventures in Wonderland. The Afterlife of Alice. Ed. Hannah K. Priest. Aldershot: Ashgate (forthcoming)

Academic Features:

Edited Texts:

  • Lewis Carroll, ‘A Mad Tea-Party,’ Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Digital Annotated Edition. The Public Domain Review, Aug 2015 (read here).
  • “Lewis Carroll – Master of Nonsense,” Kohlt, Franziska and Mark Richards, The Lewis Carroll Society, 2013. (Collected nonsense verse and prose by Lewis Carroll and others, for Alice’s Day 2013)


  • “David Pyle, Volcanoes: Encounters Through the Ages”, Bodleian Library Record (forthcoming)
  • “Hjalmar Fors, The Limits of Matter: Chemistry, Mining and Enlightenment”, British Society for Literature and Science (forthcoming)
  • “Kiera Vaclavic, Uncharted Depths: Descent Narratives in English and French Children’s Literature”, Lewis Carroll Review (forthcoming)
  • Looking-Glass House & Lewis Carroll: The Man and his Circle: Vanessa Tait & Edward Wakeling at the Oxford Literary Festival”, Bandersnatch: The Newsletter of the Lewis Carroll Society, Issue 167, 2015 (read here)
  • “Peter and Alice (Play)” Lewis Carroll Review, Issue 50,  2013
  • “American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns”, Lewis Carroll Review – American McGee Special Issue, Issue 48,  2012 (buy here)
  • “Lewis Carroll Man of Science Conference 2011” Bandersnatch: The Newsletter of the Lewis Carroll Society, Issue 152, 2011


In the Media:

Media appearances:


  • ‘Oxford, Lewis Carroll & Alice in Wonderland’, Invitation au voyage, arte (fr/de)  (broadcast forthcoming 2018).


  • “Curiouser and Curiouser: Lewis Carroll, Oxford  & Alice’s Adventures”, CBC Ideas 2014 (listen here)


Press Contributions:

  • “Happy (Un-)Birthday Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland!”, Brasenose College, Oxford, 2015 (read here)
  • “Kaffee. Kultur. Geschichte.” Liaisons. Magazin zum Kulturaustausch. Issue 5/6. Oct. 2011 (Leipzig: Hamouda) . (buy here)
  • „My Adventures in Wonderland and what I found there. Auf den Spuren von Alice in Großbritannien.“ Liaisons. Magazin zum Kulturaustausch. Issue 5/6. Oct. 2011 (Leipzig: Hamouda). (buy here)
  • “American McGee on Alice: Madness Returns”. Interview. The Lewis Carroll Review – American McGee Special Issue. The Reviewing Journal of the Lewis Carroll Society. Issue 48, November 2012. (buy here)

Press Releases:

Other Press Mentions:

  • The Alice Look, Victoria and Albert Museum for the History of Childhood”, Bandersnatch. The Newsletter of the Lewis Carroll Society, Issue 167, 2015 (Coverage of talk at the opening of “The Alice Look” exhibition, June 2015).
  • Martin, Stephen. “Weston Park Whit Fayre”. Bandersnatch. The Newsletter of the Lewis Carroll Society. Iss. 155., July 2012. (Review of the “Weston Whit Fayre” Alice celebrations, organised by myself in cooperation with Rhyme and Reason Booksellers, Sheffield)
  • Martin, Stephen. “Magic Worlds”. The Daresbury Chronicle. July 2012.
    (Another article on the Alice event at Weston Whit Fayre)

Other Press appearances:



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