Dickens the Letter Writer

The Victorianist: BAVS Postgraduates

Saturday 1 March 2014, 11am–5.30 pm 

This one-day symposium at Wolfson College, Cambridge will consider Dickens’s letter writing in the context of his life and novels, with papers from leading Dickensian scholars including Michael Slater, Jenny Hartley and Paul Schlicke. Presented and hosted by the Dickens Fellowship, with generous support from Wolfson College, the symposium will pay tribute to Margaret Brown and her lifetime work editing Dickens’s letters.
ANGUS EASSON: ‘“A Dickens Letter! – Is It or Ain’t It?”: Some Forgeries and Some Questions’
JENNY HARTLEY: ‘Letters in Dickens’s Novels’
LEON LITVACK: ‘Dickens’s Irish Friends and Family Ties in the Letters’
PAUL SCHLICKE: ‘Reading between the Lines: Dickens and his Second-Best Scottish Friend’
MICHAEL SLATER: ‘Dangerous Quarrying: Dickens’s Letters and the Biographer’
Fee: £21.00 (includes a sandwich lunch, morning and afternoon tea and coffee, and a wine reception)
Contact: Dr Christine Corton, Wolfson College, Cambridge CB3 9BB (clc67@cam.ac.uk

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