DRAFT programme for the Birmingham conference

I will be presenting a paper on the influence of Victorian science, pseudo-science and literature on the works of Ivan Turgenev ad Fyodor Dostoevsky at this conference – have a look!

Cultural Cross-currents between Russia and Britain

Cultural Cross-Currents between Russia and Britain in the Nineteenth Century
Birmingham City University: Program outline, 19th July 2013

9.00-9.30 Coffee and welcome

9.30-10.30 Welcome by the Head of School of English

Keynote speaker: Dr. Stuart Eagles (title tbc)

10.30-11.45 Panel 1: Dickens and Tolstoy
Galina Alekseeva Tolstoy reads Charles Dickens.
Olga Stuchebrukhov “Tolstoy’s ‘Family Happiness’ and Dickens’ Bleak House.”
Mary Olea How Dickens and Tolstoy Shaped Contemporary Views of History

Panel 2: Spiritual Cross-currents
Julia Courtney Listening to Voices from the East: William Palmer, John Mason Neale and the Russian Orthodox Church
Lindy Moore Leo Tolstoy, Mohandas K. Gandhi and Isabella Fyvie Mayo
Tatyana Kovalevskaya Shakespeare and Dostoevsky: The Human Condition and the Human Ambition

11.45-1.00 Panel 3: Dostoevsky
Franziska Kohlt “It simply upsets the nerves”: Dreams, Spectres, Visions and the ‘English Connection’ in the Works of Ivan Turgenev and Fyodor Dostoevsky
Anna Berman Brothers and Sisters, Kinsmen and Countrymen

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